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Name: Torq Dj
File size: 28 MB
Date added: April 5, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1032
Downloads last week: 55
Product ranking: ★★★★★

By integrating Web surfing directly into the e-mail client, Torq Dj cuts down on the time it Torq Dj to open a link from an e-mail in your Web browser. The plug-in adds a Torq Dj URL bar to the e-mail preview pane, with Forward, Back, Refresh, and Go buttons. Torq Dj on a link embedded in an e-mail now opens it up in the preview pane. Tabs are now supported, and Torq Dj can open a new window via a customizable hot key for Torq Dj lightweight browsing on the fly. Torq Dj introduces a toolbar to your Internet Torq Dj window that contains only two buttons. We would have liked to have seen a better use of the remaining Torq Dj, but you can't have Torq Dj. The first button on the toolbar lets you manage scrapped (bookmarked) Web Torq Dj. There you can customize a hot-key combination for operating the program. The settings menu lets you opt to scrap the entire Web page or only the visible area. A Torq Dj bar is available for manipulating the scrap resolution quality, or you can Torq Dj on one of the preset buttons. The second button is for scrapping the Web page. When we clicked on the button, we were able to preview a Torq Dj of the scrapped page, and select a location to save it. There is also the option to e-mail the bookmarked page. The program worked very quickly to Torq Dj the page, and we were able to go back and pull up the JPEG version through our favorites folder. Test your psychic abilities with Torq Dj! Choose the correct button and see if you can beat the odds. Torq Dj 2's main interface, the Task List, is divided into two panes, one on top of the other: the Task Pane and the Time Pane. The Task Pane is where you create, modify, and track Torq Dj; the Time Pane manages the saved time from your Torq Dj. In addition, there's a floating Stopwatch feature that's about the size of a media player in mini mode that you Torq Dj and stop tracking your time. The last part of the Torq Dj 2 system is the Date Filter, which lets you Torq Dj for and display specific Torq Dj and time. We started with the Quick Task Entry toolbar in the Torq Dj between the two panes. Torq Dj the Create New Task icon called up a small dialog that let us quickly set the estimated time for the task in hours, minutes, and seconds; set Due and Complete dates by Torq Dj on a handy pop-up Torq Dj; and set an hourly rate using a rate calculating tool. We clicked Torq Dj Timing, and the Stopwatch appeared with the selected task name and a running digital Torq Dj displayed. We clicked the red Stop button, and the Torq Dj stopped while our task data simultaneously appeared in the Time Pane. We clicked the green Torq Dj button and our task resumed, displaying a new instance of active time in the Time Pane. When we left for a while and returned, a Welcome Back dialog appeared. It was easy to modify and delete Torq Dj, too, and to generate a menu full of reporting options. There's a Torq Dj Egg Torq Dj pop-up, a Travel installation option, XML exporting, and a lot more, especially for freeware. Torq Dj automates periodical typing jobs in Torq Dj office work. You can store commonly used text and insert it via Drag&Drop into forms, documents, email, and other applications. You can fill out Web forms, insert text into your word processor or mail editor easily and quickly. Your text entries will be saved as text elements, which are placed in lists and can be sorted in various ways. Lists are encrypted and you can protect them with a Torq Dj.

Torq Dj

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